Is Your Thyroid Management Still Leaving You Blue?

Thyroid ManagementThere are two important thyroid hormones involved in thyroid management, T3 and T4. Hypothyroidism, a lack of sufficient thyroid hormones, can cause a wide range of symptoms, including depression, however the standard protocol that most doctors follow is to simply prescribe levothyroxine (replaces T4). While this alone can gradually re-balance hormone levels, it is not always a complete therapy. “Many patients that take levothyroxine for hypothyroidism still find they even after their levels have been brought back to optimal range, they still feel some of the effects of hypothyroidism, including depression,” says the doctors at Trinity Pharmacy, a Tampa compounding clinic with locations in Clearwater and Trinity, Florida.

What Can Be Done

As it stands, the only commercially available form of T3 is a synthetic called liothyronine sodium. The major reason why it is not also prescribed is that through a normal pharmacy, only the immediate release form is available, and it can have rather unpleasant side effects, which include heart palpitations. However, compound pharmacies can prepare an extended release preparation that has proven quite beneficial in scientific studies. The average results concluded that patients who did not respond completely to levothyroxine therapy, showed significant improvement in mood when given a combination of levothyroxine and a sustained release form of T3.

Is It Right For You

If your hypothyroidism treatment is not working, or is not providing complete relief of symptoms related to adrenal dysfunction and thyroid imbalance, especially depression, then it may be something to discuss with your doctor. Compounding pharmacies can not only provide a more complete treatment option, the can precisely blend a uniquely formulated treatment that is tailored to your exact needs. This can be especially beneficial if the fillers used to create commercially available pills cause adverse reactions. In addition to creating custom treatments, compounding pharmacies can also change the binding agents into completely neutral components with no chance of causing unwanted side effects.

The Benefit of Urgent Care

Are you tired of waiting for your doctor to attend to your medical needs? Are you having a difficult time adjusting to your children’s schedule that made you miss your appointments? Waiting for a doctor to arrive and provide medical help can be excruciating for parents and patients particularly if the patient needs urgent care. Sometimes it can be understandable why doctors cannot immediately attend to the needs of their patients however doctors must likewise understand if patients become demanding to seek for immediate medical attention even what the patient only requires are vaccinations.

urgent care

If you are living anywhere near Tampa, there is no need to wait for long lines before you can even be attended by your doctor. Doctors Express is a multi-specialty clinic that can provide all your medical needs. It provides extensive medical services to all patients including diagnostic and laboratory procedures. With Doctors Express, you can be assured that you will be attended to promptly. It is open everyday all year round and there is no need to make a medical appointment. In fact, the clinic is primarily a walk in clinic that helps to address the needs of patients who request for immediate care which most hospitals cannot provide specially if the case is not an emergency.

You are assured that the patient will always be seen by a physician and not only an ordinary physician but a physician that has the necessary skills and competence. All that one has to do is walk in, inform the clinic what the concern is and in a short while, a doctor will attend to the patient. The clinic not only provides competent doctors but also provides exceptional laboratory and diagnostic procedures using some of the latest medical equipment.

Urgent care centers accepts patients covered by medical insurance and provides them with the same quality of services with those of patients paying by cash. At Doctors Express, the aim is not to make profits but rather the purpose is to provide medical services to people. It can serve as alternative medical provider in the vent of the absence or unavailability of your primary care physician. Even if it may only serve to complement the services of a primary care physician, patients will nonetheless receive the best medical attention possible. If you are not willing to wait and need immediate medical care, Doctors Express is highly recommended for your medical needs.

First experience with Urgent Care

drMy youngest son was playing in a basketball game when he landed on the foot of one of his teammates. He was grimacing in pain which caused me to panic thinking that he may have broken his foot. My husband and I immediately rushed to the basketball court to check on our son. I panicked when I saw my son in pain and good thing my husband was present to calm me down. The trainer evaluated my son and had an initial impression that my son suffered from an ankle sprain. He nevertheless advised that he be taken to the hospital to confirm that there was no broken bone.

I was told that my son would be brought to a Tampa walk in clinic called Doctors Express since the school had an arrangement with the clinic. I initially objected to it because I wanted my son to be brought to a hospital because he required urgent care. In fact, I wanted my son to be taken to the hospital where he used to receive his vaccinations. My husband just told me to just keep quiet first and follow the school’s decision. It did not take us long to get to Doctors Express.  The clinic has a very pretty atmosphere unlike most hospitals which are usually crowded. You can clearly differentiate the patients from the hospital personnel because everything is pretty organized. Upon our arrival, my son was immediately examined by a physician and was immediately referred to undergo x-ray of his foot to check if nothing was broken.

My son had his x-ray and it was not long for the result to come out. The x-ray confirmed that there was no broken bone and that my son merely suffered an ankle sprain. I was relieved to hear that from the doctor knowing how a fractured bone can impeded my son’s daily activities.  Everything moved fast in the clinic and not long after we were on our way home. I never expected such quality of service and I guess I initially underestimated the clinic. I am glad to have known Doctors Express and now I can have another place where I can bring my kids in case I need immediate medical care. Although it does not operate on a 24-hour basis, the clinic hours are already long enough to accommodate walk-in clients. It is also accredited with various medical insurance companies so it will not pose as a problem to those who seek to avail of their medical insurance benefits.

How To Have A Safe And Healthy Life

happy life livingYou should take steps every single day to have a healthy and safe life.

First of all, you should eat healthy.

That means eating a wide range of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. You should also limit your drinks and foods to those that are low in calories, sugar, fat, and alcohol. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet so you can maintain a healthy weight.

Second of all, you should stay active.

You should be active for at least two and a half hours each week. Activities that strengthen your muscles, raise your breathing and heart rate are all good. Physical activity helps with controlling your weight, reducing your blood pressure, lowering your risk of serious degenerative diseases, reducing arthritic pain, and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can lead to further health problems.

Thirdly, you should protect yourself.

That means you should wear insect repellent, sunscreen, seatbelts, and helmets. You should wash your hands regularly. Avoid smoking. Build strong, supportive relationships with friends and family. Have a plan for emergencies and have some way of protecting yourself when you’re out and when you’re at home. Don’t be vulnerable. Carry pepper spray or a licensed handgun. Install a home security alarm and purchase a handgun. Do what you have to safeguard your family from intruders. Insure your home against natural disaster.

Fourth, you should try to manage your stress.

Stress can be very detrimental to your health, especially your heart health. You should learn how to relax, stay positive, and get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you require it, get some counseling. If you don’t get your stress under control, it can increase your risk of heart disease.

How More Sleep Would Make Americans Safer, Happier, And Healthier

healthy sleep patterns

Very few people in America get the recommended eight hours each night, and chronic sleep deprivation can take a major toll on the body.

Getting enough sleep can improve your memory, increase your ability to concentrate, bolster the immune system, and decrease the risk of getting killed in an accident. Sleep is free, and it doesn’t have any side effects. The majority of people really love sleep too. It’s a win-win situation.

For most Americans, that would getting an additional hour or hour and a half of sleep each night. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans just can’t do that. They have a problem with it because of their work schedule. Psychiatrists have been saying for years that one of the biggest health problems in the U.S. is that most adults have a problem with chronic sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep has a negative effect on memory and surges stress hormones through the roof.

A lot of people have a major “sleep debt” that they could have built up over weeks, months, or years. In experiments, most people will sleep up to 12 hours a night if given the chance, and then try to settle into a minimum of seven hours a night after that.

As sleep deprivation builds up, it has worse effects on memory, concentration, and social skills. There is also an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, depression, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Even though napping helps reduce sleep debt, it’s not really a replacement for healthy sleep habits. There are great benefits to maintaining predictable, consistent sleep patterns. If you want to be optimally healthy, you have to integrate a regular sleep routine into your life that provides for both consistency and duration, or else you will be building up a “sleep debt”.

What You Need to Know About Cataracts

Cataracts are a serious vision impairment that can happen to anyone. A person is said to have cataracts when his or her eye takes on a cloudy appearance at the lens. If left untreated, this “cloudy vision” can lead to permanent vision loss. In fact, cataracts are the most common cause of blindness. While they most commonly affect the 40+ population, they can strike at any time without warning.

For some people, cataracts just develop naturally as they age. For others, though, certain risk factors may lead to or increase the risk of cataract development. Some behaviors and causes associated with the development of cataracts include:

Excess/prolonged exposure to natural sunlight or tanning beds

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Smoking
  • Eye injuries
  • Eye surgeries
  • A family history of cataracts

While everyone should be visiting with an eye doctor regularly for checkups, these visits are especially important for those who fall into one of the high risk groups for cataracts. The sooner cataracts are detected, the more likely they are to be treated without serious consequences to your vision, health, or overall quality of life. Because early detection is so important, it’s also wise to be aware of some of the common signs of cataracts. These can include:

  • Cloudy or blurred vision
  • Distance vision that suddenly and unexpectedly gets worse
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Being more sensitive to “glare” from bright lights
  • Double vision
  • Not seeing colors as brightly
  • Temporary improvement in vision

If you notice any of these signs, talk to your eye doctor right away. A quick, simple vision test can determine if you have cataracts. If you do, your doctor can determine what type of cataract you have and what the best treatment option is for your situation. The sooner you get the ball rolling on cataract treatment, the better, so don’t delay!